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Your Moment. Your Emotion. Forever.

Crafting Authentic Wedding Films You Can Feel

Hi I'm Eddie

I am a wedding filmmaker based in Phoenix. Over the last 7 years I am humbled by the opportunity to craft timeless wedding films that preserve the beauty and emotion of our couple's unity, forever. I focus on capturing you and your person authentically. I use the most emotionally gripping audio and weave it with beautiful visuals and musicality to transport you to your wedding in a way you can feel. The films I create are for the couples who embrace emotion and who appreciate shedding a tear or two, smiling endlessly, or a little of both when reliving one of the most significant days of your life.


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Wedding Films

Full Day Wedding Day Coverage 

4-9 Min Film | Aerial Footage Included 

 Anniversary Film

Social Media Teaser

Ceremony and Reception Keepsake Film(s)

RAW Footage

The Experience

How you experience your wedding day is just as important as the outcome of the film created to preserve those emotions and I care about both. I bring a positive and inviting personality to your wedding day to help you feel comfortable being your authentic selves. I believe in capturing candid moments of joy and will help to foster these unforgettable moments with your person. I collaborate with photographers well to create space for you to be present and in the moment, only stepping in for slight adjustments to make sure things look beautiful. Ultimately I want to go unnoticed, leaving more time for you to experience your day. 

The value of hiring an experienced filmmaker, in my opinion, is working with someone who makes you feel comfortable being your authentic selves and who can craft a film that brings you back to how you felt. Your wedding film allows you to relive those moments time and time again. It’s true, your wedding film will outlive you and it deserves quality and detail to stand the test of time. 

Our Couples

Love is The Only Reason | Grace + Pierre Wedding Film | SoHo63 Chandler AZ
Love is The Only Reason | Grace + Pierre Wedding Film | SoHo63 Chandler AZ
Play Video
Best Reception Vibes | Mike + Alexa Wedding Film at Neu Neu MN
Play Video
Best Bride Hype Squad |Allie + Cole Wedding Film | Andaz Scottsdale AZ
Play Video
An Incredible Couple | Abyee + Jenna Wedding Film | Bella Rose Estate
Play Video


The Investment

Let’s be real… planning a wedding is expensive and sometimes difficult to justify. I got married during college and we were very (very) budget conscious. It was my idea to prioritize our honeymoon destination over hiring a videographer and it’s our deepest regret. If I could go back in time and prioritize hiring my dream videographer at three times the costs I was hesitant then, I would. Yes it would have been a large investment, but to have those beautiful memories and spoken words weaved together by experienced artists is (what I humbly realize now) priceless. 


I wish someone had told me this years ago. After all, photo and video are the only two ways to remember the beauty and emotion of your wedding day… invest in the quality for them both accordingly.  The wedding film will outlive you and preserves the significance of your love and unity for generations to come. A film that allows you to experience your wedding, hear the touching words that were said, and truly make you feel the emotions all over again.




Because I take on only 12 weddings each year, it’s important for us to get to know each other and ensure we are a perfect fit. We should be equally excited to work with each other and ensure we can be our authentic selves. If you’ve read all this and think we may be a good fit, let’s connect for a videocall and get to know each other!  I am currently based in Phoenix and am ready to pack my gear to celebrate with you just about anywhere. 

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